Tips for Safe Vehicle Towing

Breakdowns in your vehicle may also get even if you are an expert driver. There are many types of vehicle breakdowns like out of fuel, gas or diesel, tire puncture, car lockout, car jump start etc. Some of them may be resolved easily, but some may require expert’s help. And for that you need your vehicle to be towed to the nearest shop, which is not an easy task. That may also damage and get scratches on your vehicle. For towing purpose, you need to read some guidelines.

Here are some tips which may help you in towing your vehicle safely and successfully.

  1. Know the weight of the vehicle:-It is very important to know the weight of the vehicle, if you fall in vehicle breakdown or helping someone in breakdown. There should be a balanced weight between both the vehicles. It may create problem in your engine, if towing vehicle has a low weight. Similarly, if the towing vehicle has a high weight than other, it may damage your vehicle while driving one place to other place. So, balanced weight between both the vehicles should be there.
  2. Check your breaks:-Please check your break system, before towing a vehicle with your car or trailer. Brakes even help in maintaining speed. Overheating may be caused, if you use your brakes as paddles. You must also know about your brake system while helping someone in towing his vehicle.
  3. Check your tires condition:-You must check your vehicle’s tires condition before helping others with towing services. You must also keep a spare wheel in your vehicle with which you can simply help them without even towing there vehicle.
  4. Check your mirrors:-While towing a vehicle it may help you to maintain distance which is basically used to rear view. So, before towing a vehicle, make sure you have side mirrors for rear view.
  5. Check your lights:-Your vehicle must have lights in working order, according to the law of many states. If you are not keeping them in working condition you may get a ticket from the police. In night time, if you are towing a vehicle, it is highly recommend keeping-on your lights of both vehicles. It will help others to give you pass or take a pass on way and also help you in lighting your way.

So these are some basic steps that help you in towing safely. We will share about how to jump start a car and battery maintenance tips, in our next post.

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