Six Mistakes You Should Avoid While Towing a Vehicle

Well, everybody thinks that towing a vehicle is adventures and fun. But it is not. It needs a practice and an experience. Towing can be a need for any one and any time. Everybody gets vehicle breakdowns in his life. And people often make mistakes while hauling a vehicle and get costly vehicles damages. Through this post, Kwick Towing team is going to share some common mistakes that people often do while towing a vehicle or a trailer.
Here are the mistakes that you should avoid while towing a vehicle, it will help you in preventing costly damages. So read it before towing a vehicle.

  1. Don’t Over Load: – Before towing a vehicle, first of you should know about the weight of both vehicles. People often make this mistake. They don’t know how much weight they should carry with a tow vehicle. As a result they find over heat and cracked parts in their tow vehicle.What to do: First off, you should know about the weight of both vehicles. Your both vehicle should have same weight. And you should keep eyes on pressure gauges, temperature gauges and your exhaust gas temperature
  2. Weight Distribution: -Wrong weight distribution is the second mistake that people often make. If you have a wrong weight distribution between your tow vehicle and trailer, you may get bouncing between both vehicles and it can damage your hitch and frames of trailer.What to do: You should maintain the weight in your trailer. It should be managed.
  3. Check Your Brakes: -Brakes play an important role in every vehicle. These should be checked on daily basis. Especially, before towing a vehicle.
  4. Keep Moving Slowly: – Driving too fast is one of the biggest mistakes that people often do while towing a vehicle or trailer. They don’t know it can damage both vehicles. Because, their trailer has no brakes and drive. It can be move anywhere or hit anybody if you drive too fast. We all know that tortoise always win the race. So why do hurry. Especially when you are hitching another vehicle or trailer. So, we recommend keep moving slowly.
  5. Check Pressure in Tires: – Before hauling, you should have a look on tires pressure. If you have a low tires pressure, your vehicle’s engine may be over heat. So check your tires pressure regularly, it is highly recommended.
  6. Check Your Mirrors: Mirrors play a key role in maintaining distance between both vehicles and driving safely. These will help you in keep eyes on your vehicle’s back as well as sides of vehicles.

So, these are the some common mistake. We recommend you to read before towing a vehicle or a trailer.

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